01.12 2019

6 tips to stay zen in all circumstances

image 6 tips to stay zen in all circumstances

Under the constraints and stress from daily life, it is difficult to be at peace with one's self. Is it possible to stay calm and zen in spite of all the worries and troubles that we have every day? In fact, the peace ambassador Prem Rawat says: "Peace is within us. And if we are searching for peace outside we will never find the peace within.”

In other words, he wants to show that each individual is responsible for their own mind tranquility. Thus, here are 6 helpful hints that can be applied to find inner peace.

Discover 6 ways to easily find inner peace

1. Sing songs

When you feel down because of a trouble or sorrow, it is advisable to sing. Singing is essential because it can lighten the heart from the burden of troubles. In addition, singing has the hidden power to solve problems and break the chains of worries. However, it is good to know that not all kinds of songs can procure happiness and peace within. Our songs and words can greatly affect and change our mood and mind.

For example, songs whose lyrics focus on sadness, worries or revolt will only make our bad mood worse. Thus, to stay zen through songs, it is essential to select the message in the songs we sing. You can sing hymns of praises, for example. Choose positive, optimistic songs. You will immediately feel zen and your mind, heart and soul will be at peace.

2. Dance

You may not be used to dancing because you are too stressed out, or simply because you do not know how to dance. Dancing helps boost your mood. If necessary, play a music clip and dance with the dancers in it. You can have quicker result and stay zen if you sing while dancing. It might be helpful to learn how to dance. For this, you do not need to leave your home especially if your schedule is tight. Instead, you can look for dancing tutorials online and uplift your mood.

3. Exercise regularly

Love yourself and take care of your health and shape. Sports and other fitness exercises can relieve stress and promotes a feeling of zen. When you sweat in physical activities, your body releases stress hormones, and produces endorphins which will help lift up your spirit right away.

Basketball, tennis, swimming, fitness exercises, jogging, or any other sport you like is fine to achieve this goal. It is also helpful to take a warm bath after sweating from fitness exercises and sports. You will stay zen and positive.

4. Give thanks for everything

To stay calm and prevent yourself from having negative emotions, the best thing to do is to show gratitude to everybody. Give thanks for everything that has happened in your life. It is true that some of our life events are so painful. Some people and circumstances have made us disappointed and disoriented. However, in order to stay zen and calm, as Prem Rawat said in his only quote for inner peace, it is essential to give thanks. Inner peace is in your Self.

Life is an everlasting learning stage; therefore, it is helpful to consider every single life struggle as a path to victory. In other words, if you know how to control your negative emotions through thanks and acceptance, you will be able to remain calm and zen.

5. Forgive and forget

Forgive what the others have done, whether they are your enemies and rivals, or family members and acquaintances, for any misdeed they have done to you. However painful it was, forgive them and forget the problem in order to stay calm and have a clear conscience.

Also, forgive yourself if you caused the trouble to happen. If you hold grudges, your heart will be filled with the burden of negative emotions which may eventually turn into hatred. Yet, you can stay zen by forgiving and repeating that “Everything is fine, and it does not matter. They might have acted that way because of their stress and personal problems. I should forgive them and pray for them too.”

6. Meditate regularly

Meditation is of a vital necessity to help you unwind and stay calm. Meditation helps you take the right decision; moreover, it helps have a clear vision of our life goals. Meditation gives a clear mental picture of how to attain your goal, what to do, and what to avoid doing.

The best time to meditate is at dawn, while everybody is still sleeping. The more you meditate, the more peaceful you are within your Self. It is more efficient if it is coupled with a prayer, especially if you are a believer.