30.11 2019

Meditation: a way to find inner peace?

image Meditation: a way to find inner peace?

“This life that has been given to us as a gift. To really try to understand it is the greatest meditation.” This message of peace by the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, identifies the role of meditation in the quest for inner peace. Let us discover the role of meditation in the discovery of inner peace. What should be done to achieve inner tranquility through meditation?

Meditation: a way to find inner peace?

Mediation is the way to get rid of ill-behaviors

Meditation is a good way to identify one's weaknesses and strengths; it gives an opportunity to consider one's imperfections in order to consider the courses of action to be undertaken for self-fulfillment. Meditation aims at enhancing inner peace in the practitioner. To find your mind tranquility, get rid of your bad qualities by asking yourself some questions like: 

  • Am I not at peace with myself? Am I easily angered? 
  • Are there still imperfections in my behavior that it causes harm to people around me?
  • Do I still behave wrongfully to prevent me from having inner peace? 
  • Have I taken other people's possession by force and have not returned it yet?
  • Have I willfully harmed someone's feelings through my words?
  • Have I asked them forgiveness for what I did?
  • Have I forgiven my friend or my enemy for what they have done to me?

Meditation leads to mind tranquility because of forgiveness

Through meditation, it's possible to mend your relationship with our surroundings. Here the objective is to develop and improve communication and relationship with our acquaintances and neighbors. This act should be followed by an act of forgiveness, and another meditation on how to better off the relationship and avoid further conflicts with your loved ones and surroundings.

Prem Rawat's meditation is called "Knowledge", which is based on the discovery of personal resources such as inner strength, hope, choice and appreciation.

Meditation is a key to weigh one's acts and manage emotions

While meditating, it is crucial to focus attention on the qualities which are required for peace within and calmness: 

  • Humility
  • Self-control
  • Gentleness
  • Meekness 
  • Faith and hope 
  • Love 
  • Confidence

Unless an individual walks by the Spirit, it will be impossible to have all those qualities which are required for finding inner peace. Meditation is a spiritual act; it is against the deed of the flesh. Therefore, it is required to have the power and help from the Spirit of God to attain inner peace.

Meditation is a way to inner peace because it can improve relationship

If we know how to manage our emotions, we are able to remain calm despite the aggressiveness of our friends or neighbors. Instead of taking grudges to them, it's possible to be lenient, to control ourselves, to refrain from outbreaks of anger. Meditation enables us to keep calm when addressing our enemies, or when dealing with our problems. Such a feeling of calmness within our mind and heart promotes inner peace.

Patience, kindness and goodness foster the ability to avoid conflicts and keep union with our surroundings, friends, and colleagues. The society will be in harmony if we can avoid strife every day. It is true that criticism and blaming from the wicked neighbors cause a heartache.

However, it is crucial that we avoid retaliation and taking revenge on those who harmed our feelings. Instead, it is important to meditate first, then, give do good to them. For example, give food to your aggressor, or give them a drink. If we do so, they will refrain from their evil conducts and we find inner peace in the end. The key to the peaceful resolution of problems is based on our ability to control our emotions and to avoid conflicts in all its forms, whether it is verbal or physical.